“Hot Times in a Cool City”

Conde Nast Traveler interviews Melbourne’s Lord Mayor on cities and climate change

The June 2012 issue of Conde Nast Traveler explores what actions Mayors, like Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, are taking to help cities adapt to climate change in the article “Hot Times in a Cool City.”

Australia is a land of weather extremes. Events that used to occur at widely spaced intervals are now coming with a frequency we’ve never seen before. Over the last decade, we’ve experienced extreme drought in Melbourne and hard to ration water, and then almost overnight the drought broke and for two years we’ve faced dreadful flooding,” says Lord Mayor Doyle.

To help his city adapt to cases of extreme weather, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is chairing C40’s recently launched Sustainable Urban Development Network- a group of urban leaders who are deploying replicable, scalable solutions for building the next generation of “green” cities.The network will work to share best-practices and develop a blueprint that can be used by cities to build their own sustainable communities.

Lord Mayor Doyle also shared the City of Melbourne’s sustainability goals being implementedas the Rio+20 summit approaches. He explained:

Our goal is to be a zero net emissions city by 2020. We initiated an ambitious program of retrofitting 1,200 commercial buildings to reduce energy use. We’ve just hit the 200 mark. Our Docklands project, which is drawing citizens to the waterfront, will set a new standard for environmentally responsible development. We are also working with other cities to develop a blueprint for sustainable living.

Watch the Lord Mayor’s interview with the C40 News Team here.