12 cities and 12 hundred participants gather in Rotterdam to talk deltas and climate change

Last month, concurrent with the UN Climate Summit, twelve C40 cities and more than 1200 people gathered in Rotterdam to attend the Second Deltas in Times of Climate Change Conference, supported by C40.

Representatives from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Melbourne, New Orleans, Copenhagen, London, Venice, and Washington DC joined their peers in Rotterdam for the 3-day international conference to discuss how to address climate change in delta cities under pressure as sea and river levels rise. In over 100 workshops, some designed by the C40 Connecting Delta City (CD) network members themselves, participants were given a good picture of the latest scientific insights and developments in the various delta areas around the world.

Rotterdam is recognized as an international leader in the field of climate adaptation. The city’s approach to leveraging more green solutions to protect residential areas rather than high-tech solutions was of particular interest to other delta cities. Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, who opened the conference, is convinced that his city can inspire other cities by sharing the knowledge gained here.

“We have in the city of Rotterdam I think wonderful examples to show to the world,” said Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. “That’s why the Delta conference is organized in Rotterdam for the second time – the first time was in 2010 – just to bring all this knowledge together, to listen to the solutions elsewhere in the world, but also as a city to show our own solutions.”

The C40 Connecting Delta Cities network gathered in advance of the conference to share the current challenges they face and receive feedback from their peers in other cities in a private setting. Key discussion topics included green infrastructure strategies, developing green infrastructure business cases and securing funding, discussing private property storm water management, education and awareness of climate risks, community adaptation planning, and adaptation project monitoring. The CDC network also welcomed new members Singapore and Venice!

Speeches, lectures and the daily conference newsletter can be accessed at www.climatedeltaconference2014.org/results.

To find out more about the Connecting Delta Cities network, click here.