2012 in Review: C40 Expands Guidelines, Welcomes New Members Singapore, Olso, Vancouver, Venice and Washington DC

C40 began in 2005 as a network of 18 megacities, and has since expanded to include 63 cities around the globe. To better accommodate the varying interests and capacities of its constituent cities and future members, C40 announced guidelines this October for new membership categories, which include Megacities, Innovator Cities, and Observer Cities.

Earlier in 2012, the C40 announced Singapore as its 59th city. When these new membership categories were put into practice in December, C40 welcomed four additional member cities: Oslo, Vancouver, Venice, and Washington DC. All five of these new member cities are global leaders and have demonstrated a strong commitment to addressing climate change action locally that, as part of C40’s efforts, will have an impact globally.