2012 World Mayors Award Honors Mayor of Changwon Park Wan-su

The biannual World Mayor Awards announced on January 8 honored C40 City Mayor of Changwon, Park Wan-Su, who ranked sixth among the final top-ten mayors selected from 910 original nominations. The Awards, first organized by the City Mayors Foundation in 2004, are publicly conducted—based on nominations and testimonials submitted by the global community—and aim to raise the profile of mayors worldwide who have made long-lasting contributions to their communities.

While Mayor Park, who is currently serving his third term as Mayor, has long been recognized for his commitment to public service, it is his dedication to addressing Changwon’s sustainability challenges that has gained wide global recognition.

According to the World Mayor Award’s website, “The mayor’s environmental initiatives have won attention outside the country and seemingly gone beyond concrete measures towards changing people's perceptions in this area. The city has been described as the environmental capital of South Korea.”

Specifically, Mayor Park developed three major sustainability projects in 2008 based on the following priorities: (1) restoring streams (2) promoting the widespread use of solar energy, and (3) encouraging cycling as a method of transportation to reduce traffic and improve air quality. These projects, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, are helping to ensure that every citizen can enjoy a high quality of life in their urban environment.

For more information, please visit the World Mayor’s Project website by clicking here.