Addis Ababa Mayor Welcomes C40’s New Regional Director for Africa

Mayor of Addis Ababa, Diriba Kuma, recently hosted C40’s new Regional Director for Africa, Hastings Chikoko, at the City Government offices and discussed the actions Addis Ababa is taking to address its climate change challenges. During the meeting, the Mayor emphasized his commitment to the work of C40, and said:

“We are implementing a green growth strategy as part of the country’s broader commitment to a low carbon growth path. Our light rail transit (LRT) project is currently underway and we are also at the early stages of starting a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. I believe the interdependence amongst megacities and the connections that C40 facilitates will assist us in sharing our ideas with other cities and also learning from those cities that are dealing with similar issues.”

Addis Ababa Hastings & Mayor Kuma

Addis Ababa Mayor, Diriba Kuma (Right) meets with C40 new Regional Director, Hastings Chikoko (Photo: Addis Ababa Communications Bureau)

In his message to Mayor Kuma, C40 Chair New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that having the new Regional Director ensures that C40 has high-level representation in Africa for the first time. The Regional Director is the primary contact for C40 Cities in Africa, connecting them to activities and to other cities across the global C40 network.

Addis Ababa Hastings Chikoko

C40 Regional Director, Hastings Chikoko, addressing senior city officials at the City Government offices (Photo: Addis Ababa Communications Bureau)

During the visit, the new Regional Director also met with senior city officials from different sectors and began the discussion on mapping the city’s priorities in order to identify areas where C40 can add value.

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