Barcelona paves the way for bikers, hikers, pedestrians

C40 City Barcelona is making strides toward providing its walkers and cyclists with a world-class green belt above the city. Passeig de les Aigües, as the pathway is called, received a 620,000 euro grant to enact such improvements as installing gutters to catch stormwater runoff, building underground water passages to prevent erosion, and compacting and strengthening the road itself to inhibit landslides.

The pathway now comprises 23 kilometers of continuous bike paths that overlook the city as part of the Parc de Collserola. Every year, 2.5 million people visit the park, with 750,000 following the scenic path through the mountains. That number is only expected to increase now that the environmentally-thoughtful improvements are completed.

Watch a video about the project here (in Catalan).