C40’s Johanna Partin Talks Cities, Solutions, and San Francisco with the Business Council on Climate Change

Johanna Partin, C40’s North American Regional Director, recently sat down with the San Francisco-based Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) to discuss her role at C40, the work of our cities, and San Francisco’s recent win at the C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards. 

During the interview, BC3 wanted to learn more about C40’s work, asking “Why focus on cities? What makes them powerful as drivers for climate solutions?” Partin replied:

“Federal governments talk, and cities act. Mayors directly control most of the infrastructure and services that actually impact both climate risks and climate mitigation. When you’re talking about reducing GHG emissions, much of that is controlled by mayors. At the same, urban centers tend to be more progressive and open to the types of solutions that need to be put in place to address climate change. Transit-oriented development, increased urban density, permeable pavements - all are controlled by cities. Cities are often on the frontlines of climate change impacts, such as flooding, heat, and health impacts, so they have no choice but to act.” 

To read the full interview, please click here. To learn more about the recent C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards winners, including San Francisco, please click here.