C40’s Seth Schultz a featured thought leader in Daylight & Architecture magazine

This week, Velux Group released the new issue of their widely-read magazine Daylight & Architecture, which aims to address issues and stimulate ideas that lead to better living environments, featuring an interview with Seth Schultz, C40’s Director of Research. In the interview, Seth provides insight into the unique capacity of cities to address climate change, and makes a strong case for accelerating urban climate change action on a global scale. 

 To demonstrate cities’ climate change leadership, Seth highlights the work of C40 Cities:

“We provide a network for our cities to share information, reduce their risk, and lower the entry to the market for certain solutions or projects…If you look at the data we collect from our member cities, the number of policies and actions that they are already taking to address climate change is stunning.” 

Mayors have significant powers to achieve carbon reductions but need access to reliable data and information in order to take effective action, argues Seth. His team works with C40 Cities and partner organizations to collect data and report results so that cities can seize opportunities, measure progress, and identify best practices. These efforts in turn bolster C40’s “network effect” by which cities with similar profiles and challenges can work together to achieve individual goals – with collective global impact.

“It is critically important that we streamline the process [of data collection] and make sure cities understand the value of what they are reporting, how they are reporting it, and how it is going to help them in their day-to-day administrative routines. If we can do that, massive efficiencies can be gained.”

To read the full interview with Seth, click here. To find out more about C40’s Research efforts, click here.