C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Sustainable Growth

Yesterday, C40 Cities Chair Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed KPMG International’s “Business Perspective on Sustainable Growth: Preparing for Rio+ 20” Summit. In his address, he lauded the progress PlaNYC, New York City’s sustainability agenda, has made over the past five years to improve the quality of air, water and life in New York. In particular, he emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in meeting sustainability goals, noting the innovative steps New York has taken together with its real estate industry to improve the energy efficiency of both existing and new buildings – thereby tackling the greatest source of emissions in the city.

Mayor Bloomberg also described the collective advances made by the world’s cities who, often in partnership with the private sector, are at the “creative forefront” of climate change action. He pointed to the increasingly important role cities are playing on the international stage, first at an upcoming OECD roundtable in Chicago and then as major players at the Rio+20 United Nations conference on sustainable development saying:

We intend to broaden that focus to include what is being done in the world’s cities. Because while the nations of the world have too often faltered in addressing sustainability, the cities of the world have forged ahead. By acting locally, the world’s cities are exercising an increasingly powerful, collective impact globally.

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