C40 Cities Program Update

Check out the C40 Cities program update for latest news and a look at the innovative programs, flagship projects and expert people helping megacities around the world take action on climate change.

BUILDING RETROFIT: CCI’s Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program is working on more than 250 individual and multibuilding retrofit projects with public and private building owners around the world. Already over 400 buildings are in, or have completed, construction; each year, these will prevent the release of over 120,000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In partnership with CCI, the City of Melbourne is retrofitting 13 city buildings, totaling 950,000 square  feet and accounting for 80 percent of total energy use from city buildings. Energy saving measures including HVAC system and building control upgrades will reduce building energy use by 20 percent, saving 1,560 tons of CO2 annually.

“By introducing procurement and contracting models, as well as financing solutions, CCI is helping building owners take large-scale action across portfolios, building types and geographies.” - Arah Schuur, director of CCI’s Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program

LIGHTING: CCI’s Outdoor Lighting Program is developing 16 large-scale outdoor lighting retrofit projects in 16 cities worldwide. These projects have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 300,000 tons per year.

CCI is working with the City of Los Angeles to undertake a major five-year project to replace 140,000 streetlights across the city with energy-efficient LED lights, reducing CO2 emissions by 40,500 tons and saving $10 million annually. To date the city has installed more than 40,000 LEDs, amounting to an annual reduction of 9,771 metric tons of CO2 and $1.5 million in annual energy savings.

“This partnership is a tremendous example of how cities can cut costs, while also making a significant impact in the fight against climate change.” - President Bill Clinton

WASTE: CCI’s Waste Management Program is developing 30 waste management projects around the world. Once complete, millions of tons of garbage will be used as a resource, either converted to energy or new products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than two million tons every year.

In Lagos, Nigeria, CCI is working with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority to develop an integrated solid waste management facility that will annually recycle and compost approximately 300,000 tons of solid waste previously discarded in roadways, rivers and unsafe open dumps. Construction is expected to begin in 2011; the project is already influencing other cities in the region to change their solid waste systems.

“I have advocated for a better environment in Lagos for decades. So it gives me huge satisfaction to work on a project that will deliver tangible results and make my city a healthier place to live. What made the difference? The government’s commitment, backed by CCI ’s expertise.” - Owens Wiwa, CCI’s city director in Lagos

TRANSPORTATION: CCI’s Transportation Program is helping cities reduce the carbon emissions of their transportation sectors. With 31 large-scale projects in 20 cities around the world, CCI is advancing low-carbon vehicles and fuels, and helping to develop urban transportation systems.

CCI created the Hybrid and Electric Bus Test Program with the support of a $1.5m grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). Operating in Bogota, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, this program aims to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions of public transportation in Latin America by developing a regional market for hybrid bus technology. By 2016, it aims to catalyze the deployment of 9,300 hybrid buses, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 566,000 tons.

“This program tackles one of the most significant sources of carbon emissions in the region. By providing governments and companies with sound data and analysis, we support effective decision-making on critical investments in new transportation technologies.”- Manuel Olivera, CCI’s city director in Bogota and director of the Latin America Hybrid Bus Test Program

CLIMATE POSITIVE: CCI’s Climate Positive Development Program, launched in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council, is supporting 17 participating urban development projects across 10 countries that have committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to below zero.

In Seoul, Korea, CCI is working with SH Housing on the 830-acre Magok Urban Development, which aims to deliver buildings whose emissions will be roughly 80 percent below business-as-usual; to create a district heating and cooling facility powered largely by sewer heat; and to build a fuel cell combined heat and power plant that will provide 10 - 20MW of power.

“We are helping to shape the urban communities of tomorrow. At Magok, as with all of our projects, coordinating closely with local development partners and municipalities yields the biggest opportunities to abate both onsite and offsite emissions.” - Hee-Song Lee, CCI’s city director in Seoul