C40 City Houston & Seth Schultz Featured in OnEarth Magazine

C40 city Houston was recently featured in OnEarth, the Natural Resources Defense Council’s magazine, as part of an issue seeking to answer the question: “Will Cities Save the Planet?”

The article highlighted C40 Steering Committee member Houston as an unlikely champion of climate change solutions due to its historic ties to oil and gas. Entitled “Greening Houston,” the article also discussed the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg earlier this year, and included quotes from C40 Director of Research, Measurement and Planning Seth Schultz.

That the world’s cities would become the new front line in the effort to stem the worst effects of climate change makes eminent good sense when one considers the way this worldwide problem tends to manifest itself at the local level. For the first time in the history of humankind, some 50 percent of the earth’s population now lives in sprawling urban centers like Houston; by 2050, that figure is projected to reach nearly 70 percent. As population centers and hubs of economic activity, big cities necessarily contribute the vast majority of global climate emissions. But according to C40 research director Schultz, cities also “know how to deal with problems in real time—which makes them living laboratories for how humanity is reacting to climate change.”

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