C40 City Houston, Texas Launches First Municipal Electric Vehicle Car Sharing Program

Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker recently announced a public-private partnership to launch “Houston Fleet Share,” a new municipal electric vehicle (EV) green-fleet program designed to help the City of Houston improve efficiency, promote sustainability and save money - all without sacrificing employee mobility. 

With the third largest municipal hybrid fleet in the country, the City of Houston is no stranger to hybrid vehicles. But this program is trailblazing because it is the first of its kind to utilize electric vehicles.

"The city of Houston is a national leader in sustainability initiatives, whether it's energy efficiency, green buildings or a green fleet. We understand the importance of oil and gas to our economy, but we also understand the importance of a healthy environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diversifying our energy portfolio and benefiting from new technologies," Mayor Annise Parker told the Houston Chronicle.

The fleet sharing program will provide 50 city-owned fleet vehicles – including 25 Nissan Leaf EVs among other plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles – for use by city employees across numerous departments. The additional deployment of technology from Zipcar, Houston’s private sector partner in the program, including the company’s car sharing platform, self-service online reservation, and secure vehicle access system, will help the City to increase efficiencies, decrease costs, and further reduce the environmental impacts of Houston’s municipal fleet. 

To learn more about Houston’s low-carbon transportation initiatives, read our recent coverage of “Houston Drives Electric”, a major city-wide electric vehicle program, as well as the Regional Multimodal Connections Project, which recently received federal grant funding to eliminate gaps in Houston’s existing bike grid. To see more about what Houston is doing, click here.