C40 Leadership Welcomes Cape Town to the Network

C40 Executive Director Mark Watts and Mayor Patricia de Lille of Cape Town discuss the city’s new C40 membership, local priorities…and look ahead to a future of collaborative climate action.

Patricia de Lille, Mayor of Cape Town – one of C40’s newest member cities - recently met with C40 Executive Director Mark Watts and Regional Director Hastings Chikoko at the Cape Town Civic Centre. Their discussion focused on building greater collaboration among cities and C40’s focus on the continent to help cities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their broader sustainability and resilience goals.

Mayor  Patricia de Lille (Second from left) with C40 Executive Director, Mark Watts (second from right) accompanied by Councillor Garreth Bloor (Left) and  C40 Regional Director for Africa, Hastings Chikoko (Right). Photo: Bruce Sutherland, City of Cape Town

“I am delighted to welcome Cape Town to the C40-fold given their reputation for innovation. Mayor de Lille and Councillor Garreth Bloor, shared their ambitious programme to address the challenges their city faces relating to severe weather and the impacts of climate change. I look forward to working with the city to ensure that they take full advantage of the relevant C40 networks and are connected with member cities that they can learn from and share their own experiences.

“My ride on a MyCiTi bus -- between the Waterfront and the Mayor’s office – clearly demonstrates that the city’s Integrated Rapid Transit system is contributing to the reduction of congestion and traffic by reducing the number of private cars on the streets,” said Mark Watts, who also toured some of the city’s green buildings.

During the meeting, Mayor de Lille outlined areas for potential collaboration with fellow C40 cities , including effective and efficient ways of managing solid waste in informal settlements and reducing the number of landfills. As the 2014 World Design Capital, Cape Town will be a focal point for the international design community in 2014, and Mayor de Lille sees an opportunity to use this to highlight how design can contribute to addressing the issues caused by climate change.

Cape Town’s membership to C40 was announced during the recent C40 Mayors Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The C40 also expanded its membership to include two additional African cities – Dar es Salaam and Nairobi– bringing the organization’s membership to 66 cities.