C40 Partner Arup Publishes Latest Design Book

C40 Cities are “Winning the Climate Change Battle”

The latest edition of Arup’s much-anticipated Design Book has just been published, showcasing the firm’s most exciting projects from around the world, including its collaboration with C40 on the award winning and ground breaking research report, Climate Action in Megacities, Version 1.0, published in June 2011. C40 and Arup are currently working on a follow-up report, Climate Action in Megacities, Version 2.0 to be released at C40’s upcoming Mayoral Summit in Johannesburg.

Arup Hires C40 Spread Small

In a companion piece to the C40 project description, Rohit Aggarwala, Special Advisor to C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, said:

“At C40, we recognise that cities all over the world are already doing dramatic, innovative things on climate change and overall sustainability. So our task is less about advocacy, and more about helping cities do their existing jobs better, faster and more thoughtfully.”

Each of the book’s 50 featured projects are presented as responses to questions about their design or purpose, exploring, for instance, how the work contributes to making the world a better place. Arup chose C40 as the – decidedly positive – answer to the question: “Can cities win the climate change battle?”

To find out more about the Design Book, click here.