C40’s Seth Schultz Featured in GreenBiz

This week our very own Director of Research, Measurement and Planning Seth Schultz was featured in a GreenBiz article called Why cities need data scientists.

The piece previews Seth’s role at the VERGE Salon NYC event on September 16 in New York, and explains that Seth’s research at C40 has made him more than a researcher: the writer calls Seth an “entrepreneurial data journalist.”

In the piece, Seth explains that a focus of his work at C40 – including this year’s Climate Action in Megacities 2.0 – has been to make research accessible and informative for the average citizen (see examples of C40’s research infographics here and here).

Seth explains:

"We're trying to change the way this has historically happened: best-practice white papers and case studies are good, but they're not good enough, so we're trying to radically evolve this.”

Furthermore, Seth makes the point that every city should have a data scientist to help parse the city’s information and make sense of it:

"Cities are being inundated and overwhelmed with information and data; they are hamstrung by it. [A data scientist] will serve a critical role in harnessing the flow and directing the right information to the right places."

To read the full piece, click here.

Stay tuned for upcoming research on C40’s Research page