C40 & Siemens kick off The Crystal Sustainability Series

As part of C40’s ongoing partnership with Siemens, we are proud to present “The Crystal Sustainability Series.” Filmed at the C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards event in September 2013, this series of eight videos chronicles several cities’ stories through interviews with mayors and leading experts.

The Crystal Sustainability Series illustrates both the actions cities have taken and the valuable knowledge and connections city leaders gain from participation in the global C40 network, as well as flagship events such as the City Climate Leadership Awards ceremony and conference.
Guillermo Dietrich, Head of Transport in Buenos Aires, remarked:

“I think that without this network – the C40 is very important – it would be impossible for cities to accept this challenge.”

Participant Mark Kenber, CEO of the Climate Group, said:

“In any sustainability issue – whether its resource consumption, biodiversity, or most importantly from my perspective, climate change – cities are at the heart of the problem, and at the heart of the solution.”


The first installment of The Crystal Sustainability Series features former Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard (2006-2009) discussing the city’s collaboration with businesses, how the city has interacted with and benefitted from working with C40, and how cities are uniquely able to take action on climate change.

In the interview, Ritt Bjerragaard said:

“All the city council – and that means many of the inhabitants of Copenhagen – really see Copenhagen as a forerunner on climate change. So when we’re looking for solutions, we’re going to find them in the cities.”

She also spoke of the benefit that cities gained from the 2013 City Climate Leadership Awards:

“Here, so many other cities get to know what’s going on in Rio, and what’s going on in Rotterdam, and that gives them ideas to what they can do by themselves.”

Former Lord Mayor Bjerregaard also made a timely comparison between international climate talks and what cities are able to share.

“I was very happy to host the Mayors Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, mostly because we were also hosting the UN conference, which was not successful at all. We didn’t reach what we really wanted. But for the mayors, it was different. A lot of them were so disappointed about what happened at the UN conference, so they kind of thought, ‘no, we go back, we do things, and we can change.’”

Stayed tuned in coming weeks as we present additional installments of The Crystal Sustainability Series.