C40 Summit Video Blog Series: Giorgio Orsoni, Mayor of Venice on mitigating vulnerabilities to climate change

*Editor’s note: In partnership with the City of Johannesburg, we conducted a series of video interviews with mayors, leading sustainability officials and partner thought leaders during the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 4-6, 2014. Take a look at our growing catalogue of video blogs to date…and stay tuned for more to come over the coming weeks.

The City of Venice joined C40 in December, 2012 as an Observer, and has just recently successfully met C40 participation standards and agreed to fully join C40 as an Innovator City. 

During an interview at the C40 Mayors Summit in Johannesburg, Mayor Giorgio Orsoni of Venice discussed various measures his city is taking to mitigate its vulnerability to climate change. Like many other C40 cities, Venice sees both benefits and risks from its relationship with water. The intricate system of canals and waterways are the city’s most iconic feature and support its economy, but rising sea levels present a serious threat.

“[Venice] is very vulnerable to climatic changes and needs to deal with these realities….The City is busy implementing large public works to mitigate the high levels of water, especially in the lagoon area … and we are also raising embankments at pedestrian walkways. We have also embarked on creating barriers that can halt the flow of water from the sea into the lagoon — a highly significant project financed by the national government due to be completed in 2016.”

Watch Mayor Orsoni’s full interview here: