C40 Teams Up with Ford Foundation on New ‘Compact & Connected’ Cities Network

With funding from the Ford Foundation, C40 is launching our newest C40 network on ‘compact and connected’ cities, which will focus on making cities more accessible through transit oriented development plans. The network is designed to help cities share best practices from around the world and access tools and technical expertise needed to reduce urban sprawl and private vehicle travel.

 “Compact cities with strong public transit systems reduce reliance on motorized passenger vehicles, with positive impacts on the quality of life and economic opportunities for urban citizens. I am grateful to the Ford Foundation for supporting our work. We are witnessing concrete results on transit oriented development here in Rio with the seamless integration of the Transbrasil BRT system within the communities it will serve,” said C40 Chair, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes.

The network, officially called the C40 Transit Oriented Development Network, addresses a key finding of the recent New Climate Economy report Better Growth Better Climate, which shows that economic growth and climate action are complementary principles. The network will begin immediately working with C40 cities to enable transit friendly policies that also enhance economic opportunities for residents.

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