C40 Voices: Michael V. Marinello, C40 Global Communications Director

Next week, as part of C40’s ongoing media collaborations with CNN International, the network will air its new series The City , which will profile five C40 cities from five different countries and continents over five days. Our goal for this collaboration is to shine a spotlight on how cities are leading the way in tackling the ongoing challenges the world faces as a result of the changing global climate. By working together, the actions cities are taking locally are having a global impact. And we have the data to prove it.

The televised segments will include an interview with C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and put viewers on the ground in five C40 cities around the world. Each city’s mayor will lead CNN viewers on a journey demonstrating the challenges their city faces and the actions they are taking.

The five featured cities are:

  • Johannesburg (Monday, 8/19)
  • Rotterdam (Tuesday, 8/20)
  • Seoul (Wednesday, 8/21)
  • Houston (Thursday, 8/22)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Friday, 8/23)

While the first installment airs Monday, you can follow CNN’s Twitter campaign #MyCityWish, where city residents are being asked to comment on what sustainable actions they would like to see their cities take. And of course we encourage you to follow us on Twitter at @C40Cities throughout the week.

This is our second collaboration with CNN. The first covered the climate challenges and solutions in the C40 cities of Lagos, Melbourne, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. The partnership coincided with last year’s Rio+20 conference and the Rio+C40 Summit. It also featured and showcased data from our Measurement for Management CDP Cities 2012 Global Report , and this partnership netted a finalist nomination for an EPPY award.

To learn more about next week’s series The City, click here.

You can watch The City starting Monday, August 19 on "News Stream" at 13:00 GMT and "Connect The World" at 21:30 GMT. All pieces will then be available for viewing on CNN Online here.