Cities have unprecedented voice at UN Climate Talks

For the last several days, international governments have participated in the COP 19 UN climate talks in C40 city Warsaw, Poland. The UN has convened these talks annually for nearly two decades, but today, November 21, 2013, marks the first time in history that cities have been given an opportunity to interact with the parties within the official negotiations, during a full-day session called the β€œCities Day of the High Level Segment.”

Cities are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to global climate action, and Cities Day indicates that national governments are taking notice. Demographers predict that nearly 80 percent of people will live in cities in the near future, presenting cities with new challenges, but also with new opportunities to cut carbon emissions, make cities more liveable and stimulate economic growth.

As federal governments navigate the difficulties of international policies, cities offer innovative solutions and inspiration in the form of real, on-the-ground actions they have already implemented. C40 City Warsaw and several organizations, including C40 partners WRI and ICLEI, will take the lead during Cities Day to showcase the broad range of city climate actions, as well as what challenges lie ahead.

Throughout the day, live webcasts will be available for viewing here.

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