Copenhagen Hosts C40 Green Growth Network Workshop

This week, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen will lead a workshop with 15 cities to collaborate and share best practices on integrating sustainable solutions, economic growth, and job creation. The cities – which include Bogotá, New York, Jakarta and London – are all members of the C40 Green Growth Network, and this meeting will mark the first time they convene to discuss the rationale, methods, and effects of implementing green growth policies.

Cities are particularly well-poised to further the green growth agenda, as they typically have more agility when it comes to pursuing ambitious environmental and economic policies. Copenhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen recognizes this:

“It is my clear impression that there is more interest and a growing level of investment in sustainable solutions. This is happening as cities come to view green policies and investments as a tool to recover from the economic crisis and its aftermath, insulate themselves from resource shortages and lay the foundation for a sustainable economic growth.”

The C40 Green Growth Network, which Copenhagen leads, is an action-oriented working group of cities that aims to develop private sector investment and create jobs, while simultaneously attaining environmental goals, like emissions targets. Since its launch this spring, the network has been charged with promoting green growth policies and sustainable solutions in its various constituent megacities. 

C40 Chair and Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg touts the essential role cities have in pioneering green growth strategies:

 “By working collaboratively, C40 Cities are leading the world in developing strategies, implementing solutions and delivering results. The C40 Green Growth Network will focus on bridging the gaps between efforts to spur economic growth, protect our environment and safeguard public health through local action. It will also look at ways to best partner with the private sector on these efforts.”

Learn more about the C40 Green Growth Network here.