Expert Voices: Søren Nørgaard Madsen, Senior Advisor, City of Copenhagen – on Copenhagen’s latest smart city initiative

Copenhagen is now home to Europe’s largest laboratory for smart streetlighting solutions. The DOLL Living Lab, which opened in September 2014, allows buyers of lighting solutions to see and compare LED-lamps and solutions from different companies. The 1.5 square kilometre center isn’t just a showroom, however. It is also an impartial laboratory that tests, documents and compares the streetlights displayed, including those powered by wind mills and solar panels or featuring a variety of sensors.

According to Kent Larson, Director of the City Science Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, DOLL stands out for the scale of its efforts.

“Even though we previously have seen living labs with a focus on lighting, the combination of the amount of involved companies, the research-based documentation, the scale of the laboratory and the variety of the technologies is unique.”

But Copenhagen is bustling with activities like DOLL and CISCO´s Internet of Everything program. Indeed, there are also a number of very concrete smart city initiatives on their way; numerous IT projects on the roads; and a Big Data Platform in development. We are even starting a city-driven laboratory to drive the next superb Copenhagen solution.

As one of the very best cities when it comes to green solutions, Copenhagen wants to be even smarter – and can do so not only by leading, but also by collaborating. Through the C40, we share our expertise with cities worldwide and hope to work with and gaing inspiration from other C40 cities on the smart city agenda.