First Global Standard Launched to Measure City Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Support Compact of Mayors

Today at COP20 in Lima, C40 and partners World Resources Institute (WRI) and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) released the first widely endorsed standard for cities to measure and report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, called the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC).

By providing a framework for credible emissions accounting and reporting practices, the GPC will help cities create and manage targeted climate action plans and monitor their progress towards their goals over time. Additionally, the GPC will help cities integrate their data reporting to other levels of government and make a more compelling case for accessing local and international climate financing.

Importantly, the GPC is also a critical component of the global Compact of Mayors, launched by C40 and partners in September as the world’s largest cooperative effort among mayors to reduce GHG emissions, track progress and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Cities reporting through the Compact will be using the GPC to ensure the consistency, credibility and quality of their local emissions data.

“Building a greenhouse gas emissions inventory enables city leaders to manage their emissions reduction efforts, allocate resources and develop comprehensive climate action plans,” said C40 Chair, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes. “With the launch of the GPC, cities now have a consistent, transparent and internationally recognized approach to measuring and reporting citywide emissions, allowing for credible comparison and aggregation across timescales and geographies. I strongly encourage other cities around the world to join the Compact of Mayors and take up this new standard as a key step in the global fight against climate change.”

More than 100 cities – representing 1.1 gigatons of GHG emissions and 170 million people (roughly the emissions and population equivalent of Brazil) – are already using beta versions of the GPC.

WRI, C40 and ICLEI – with the support of the World Bank, UN-HABITAT, and UNEP – jointly developed the GPC over the last three years following the GHG Protocol standard development process, and included input from public comments.

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