Global Solid Waste Management Experts Gather in Rio

Workshop on landfill leachate management kicks off today

The C40 City of Rio is hosting technical and policy experts from around the world for a two-day workshop on the topic of leachate management – one of the thornier issues associated with solid waste disposal.

The accumulation of leachate – liquid substance that seeps from solid waste in landfills -- can cause ground and surface water contamination, as well as block landfill gas collection systems. Across Latin American cities, leachate issues are one of the biggest barriers to the closure of old and the opening of new landfills.

Supported by C40, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the US Environmental Protection Agency, and run by COMLURB, Rio’s municipal waste management company, the workshop will explore management techniques for reducing leachate generation; the use of models to estimate leachate volumes; treatment and disposal options -- and more. Participants will have an opportunity to visit the Gramacho Landfill to see one of the world’s largest biogas purification plants, as well as a pilot plant of a leachate treatment technology.

Stay tuned for more information on the outcomes of this important workshop. To learn more about C40 cities’ work with CCAC, click here.