London introduces “a game changing moment” to slash vehicle emissions

London Mayor Boris Johnson has set his sights on creating the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, a measure which he says could be “a game changing moment in the quality of life in our great capital.” 

The mayor’s plan would allow only vehicles carrying a zero or low emission label to enter central London during working hours. Feasibility studies are underway at Transport for London and the scheme could be in place as early as 2020. 

“My vision is a central zone where almost all the vehicles running during working hours are either zero or low emission. This would deliver incredible benefits in air quality and stimulate the delivery and mass use of low emission technology,” Mayor Johnson said during a speech at London’s City Hall on February 13.

This new initiative is part of a larger package of ambitious goals set by London’s mayor to tackle air pollution, which includes building Europe’s largest fleet of hybrid buses and introducing a Low Emission Zone for construction machinery (construction sites are responsible for around 12 percent of the city’s NOx emissions).

The Mayor of London’s Environment Advisor, Matthew Pencharz, said: “The Mayor has put together a team that takes air quality seriously and that is why he has confirmed another £20m will be devoted to improving local air quality. He has also brought forward a package of measures that will deliver double the emissions savings originally forecast for phase five of the Low Emission Zone, whilst saving businesses already battling through a tough economic climate from a £350m bill.”

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