Madrid car-sharing goes electric

C40 city Madrid is introducing electric car-sharing services through a new agreement between NH Hoteles, a top hotel chain and leader in sustainable tourism, and Respiro Car Sharing. The two companies plan to implement an EV car-sharing service in 10 hotels operated by NH in Madrid.

The agreement will expand an existing car-sharing service operated by the two companies since January, and will specifically facilitate the use of the Nissan LEAF, the first 100 percent electric vehicle manufactured on a large scale. The agreement with NH Hoteles enables Respiro to offer its car-sharing service at 53 pick-up points across central Madrid that customers can reserve via phone or internet.

General Director of Sustainability for the City of Madrid, Elisa Barahona, attended the signing event. The city administration is an important collaborator in the implementation of sustainability programs, offering such assistance as free access for vehicles to residential priority areas, exemption from municipal street parking regulations, and up to a 75 percent reduction of the municipal tax on motor vehicles.

To read more about the project (in Spanish), click here.