Mayors Voices: Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen at C40 Mayors Summit

The Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen is attending the C40 Summit in Sao Paulo this week, and has brought with him a list of sustainable solutions from Copenhagen. Looking to move beyond isolated equipment or practices, Mayor Jensen is focused on applying a combination of technology, knowledge and organization to the difficult problems associated with climate change. Please visit the Copenhagen website for more information about how this C40 City is developing innovative solutions to climate change.

“Meeting up with mayors from all over the World – every one of us combating climate change with real-time solutions in our cities - is a real pleasure.

Some years ago, it was very modern to talk about the exchange of knowledge, and I believe cities all over the world can and shall learn a lot from each other. But we should not only be inspired; we should transfer real solutions from one city to another. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in every city.

A good example is waste, which is considered a huge problem in many cities. It could as well be seen as a tremendous resource: in Copenhagen, one bag of garbage provides 3.5 hours of electricity and 4 hours of heating for a household. Half of the city’s district heating – supply for 98 percent of the households - is provided by incinerating waste. There is no reason Copenhagen’s waste solution – like many other climate-related solutions – should not be copied in other cities.

To contribute to this goal, we have identified eight sustainable city solutions from Copenhagen, which I am happy to offer to offer to other cities for inspiration and insight. We are hoping to go beyond just technology or products and describe the fully integrated solutions that are a combination of political vision, technology, organization and knowledge.”