Mayors Voices: Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen on Joining the C40 Steering Committee

I was very honoured when I learned that Copenhagen had been elected to represent the 19 Innovator cities in the C40 Steering Committee. C40 plays a great role in making the world’s cities more sustainable. The fact that we are now represented in the C40 Steering Committee is a big recognition of Copenhagen’s efforts to minimize CO2 emissions and develop and share sustainable urban solutions. By bringing Innovator cities and megacities closer together we collectively raise the bar for everyone.

Including Innovator cities in the strategic work of C40 will provide the organization with additional perspective and leading technical views on climate challenges. All Innovator cities have shown international leadership in tackling dealing with climate change and are playing pivotal roles with the C40 and beyond. 

C40 and our cities hold the potential to help solve some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. The city of Copenhagen has from the beginning of our participation in the C40 network been engaged in areas such as measurement and sustainable green growth. We are very keen to take our involvement in C40 to the next level and help lead the way focusing on sharing policies, method development and creating scalable solutions.

Copenhagen is already leading the C40 Green Growth Network, which seeks to develop new ways of creating sustainable urban solutions combined with economic growth, innovation and job creation. In the future work of the network, we will make sure to develop even more concrete methods to measure the benefits of green policies and share the results with every interested C40 city, because we believe that sharing is key in the fight against climate change. Copenhagen is continuously reaching out to other cities worldwide both to share our existing solutions but also to be inspired by others experiences and knowledge.

Cities play an important role combating climate change, and cities are the experts when it comes to resolving concrete problems. We are the implementers of solutions that work. Furthermore, we have the experience and hold the knowledge required to tackle problems locally and globally. I am proud to support the work within C40 even further by supporting international city-to-city exchange and help cities develop methods that work.

Being a sustainable city is not only about reducing CO2 emissions; it is also about creating sustainable growth for our companies and to constantly improve the quality of life for our citizens. I look forward to sharing our experiences in Copenhagen of coupling sustainability with economic growth and job creation.

Note: To read the press release from the announcement, click here.