"Megacity Mayors Leading The Fight For Sustainable Survival"

Brad Johnson at ThinkProgress Green has a great post on the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Summit featuring an interview with Simon Reddy, C40 Executive Director for the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. 

Brad writes:

The amount of practical decision-making power that these mega-mayors have over energy, waste, and transit can be immense. There are usually a huge number of public buildings, bus systems, train systems, and an independent city budget. London has introduced congestion pricing to reduce vehicular traffic and pollution. Tokyo has introduced policies on energy, waste, and transit. Sao Paulo is one of the leading cities to use landfill gas capture and energy generation.
In the six years of this global mayoral initiative, 4,700 climate-related actions have been placed into effect in the C40 cities where they have statutory control, Reddy said. Adaptation is an important component, with many of the cities already having to deal with the effects of global warming, including heat waves, flooding, and landslides.

The C40 Summit is kicking into high gear today and the leaders of some of the world’s largest cities are talking about how to affect change in those vital public systems such as waste and transit. Armed with more precise and uniform measurement protocols, these mayors are now poised to have an even greater impact on climate challenges.