Melbourne Certified as Carbon Neutral City

The C40 city of Melbourne, Australia has been certified carbon neutral by the Australian Government’s independent carbon offsetting authority, Low Carbon Australia, against the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). City officials agree the achievement highlights the success of current efforts to reach the city’s goal of Zero Net Emissions by 2020.

Low Carbon Australia’s CEO Meg McDonald said the City of Melbourne’s carbon neutrality demonstrated a remarkable milestone in its journey towards sustainability:

“Global leading cities like City of Melbourne are responsible for an extraordinary range of economic activities and services and are critical to our move to a low carbon future. Quantifying the carbon footprint of such an organization and reducing carbon emissions is a mammoth task, but one that can have substantial benefits for the environment, the city and for ratepayers. Councils taking this type of leadership position are important in showing the way in their communities for a prosperous low carbon future.”

The city has identified many areas where significant emission reduction opportunities exist. “As part of our work we’re delivering new waste management solutions, upgrading several of our council buildings by installing efficient heating, cooling and water systems and making improvements to Melbourne Town Hall which will result in significant savings in lighting costs,” Environment Portfolio Chair Councillor Arron Wood said of Melbourne’s sustainability initiatives.

As part of its 1200 Buildings program, the Council is also working with commercial building owners and high-rise apartment residents to reduce water and energy usage, and better manage waste and recycling. The city is also encouraging residents to take up a lower-carbon lifestyle by extending its bike network, encouraging walking, and promoting the use of public transport.

Melbourne joins fellow certified carbon neutral cities Sydney, Yarra, and Moreland. To read the full press release click here.