Planning For Success – C40 Launches New Partnership With Siemens To Support The Measurement & Planning Initiative

This post is co-authored by C40’s Director of Research Seth Schultz and Pete Daw City Projects Developer of Siemens’ Infrastructure & Cities Sector.

On September 6, C40 launched a new partnership with Siemens to support one of C40’s core programmatic initiatives on Measurement and Planning. A breakfast seminar hosted by the City of London at City Hall was followed by a training workshop for European C40 cities on the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC). This event came right after the fantastic C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards and conference, held at the Crystal on the 4th and 5th of September, and attended by more than 550 people from around the world.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions and understanding their sources is the first and most fundamental step cities can take in tackling them. Data is the foundation upon which cities’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must be built; and sectoral data in particular allows cities to target their policies and programs more precisely, ensuring they get ‘greater bang for their buck’. 

Credible and reliable emissions data is essential to giving financiers the confidence to make critical investments in citywide programs. It’s also important that cities monitor their emissions over time, so that they can track progress, evaluate performance and communicate key findings to citizens and other stakeholders.

C40 Siemens Initiative

More than 60 stakeholders attended the breakfast seminar, including representatives from 18 C40 cities spanning five continents. Participants learned about the work that other C40 members, C40, Siemens and other partners are doing around measurement and planning. We addressed the group, as did other experts including Matthew Pencharz, Senior Adviser Energy & Environment to the Mayor of London and Dr. Wee Kean Fong, GPC Project Manager, World Resources Institute. The session gave an overview of the C40 Measurement and Planning Initiative, and introduced C40’s other key partners across the Initiative, including Arup, CDP, ICLEI, UNEP, UN-Habitat, World Bank and the World Resources Institute. The Initiative focuses on supporting cities across three networks:

  • The global standards network – working to ensure a common approach to greenhouse gas emissions measurement. 
  • The measurement and reporting network – working with cities to support regular reporting of emissions data and the associated actions they are taking to tackle climate change. 
  • The climate action planning network. This will support cities producing or revising action plans and programs. Siemens will be providing technical support to this initiative in order to help cities measure greenhouse gas emissions and produce plans to tackle them.

Following the breakfast seminar, C40 and Siemens held a training workshop for European C40 cities in support of the GPC global piloting program that is currently underway with ICLEI, WRI, C40 and 35 cities around the world. Led by Dr. Wee Kean Fong, the workshop gave cities the opportunity to discuss the GPC and learn how to apply it. Representatives from London, Milan, Rome, Stockholm, Madrid, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Venice, Basel and Athens attended. The session covered discussions on the reporting framework; accounting for transportation emissions; carbon sinks; scope 3 emissions; and government operations emissions. City delegates discussed different methodologies for collecting data as well as the areas where there are currently gaps in the data.

These discussions will help shape the final GPC, which will be launched in early 2014. C40 is aiming for its cities to have adopted the GPC as their standard by 2015.