Rio to test Brazil’s first-ever hybrid hydraulic truck

C40 city Rio de Janeiro’s COMLURB, Latin America’s largest solid waste management company, announced on World Environment Day that it will soon test a hybrid hydraulic truck — the first of its kind in Brazil. The truck, manufactured by MAN/Volkswagen, uses advanced technology that is expected to reduce both its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 15 percent. 

The initiative is part of an overarching strategy to meet the environmental agenda of COMLURB, which includes reducing the emissions (greenhouse gases and local pollutants) and fossil fuel consumption of the fleet used for waste collection services. 

Comlurb 2

(Photo credit: COMLURB)

Tests are scheduled to start towards the end of June and will last three months, at 25 days per month, eight hours a day, according to C40 Rio de Janeiro City Director Cristina Mendonca. Each month, the truck will be used on different routes, and for each route the driving cycle and fuel consumption will be measured to compare hybrid hydraulic versus conventional diesel.

These hybrid trucks are powered by a conventional internal combustion engine and a hydraulic system that captures and reuses energy that would otherwise be lost in braking. This technology is currently used in fellow C40 city, New York.

C40 supported COMLURB in this endeavor by conducting life cycle analysis of different alternative transport options, including this truck, Mendonca said.

Comlurb 1

President of COMLURB (Photo credit: COMLURB)

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Mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes (Photo credit: COMLURB)