Rohit Aggarwala on comprehensive climate change legislation

Dr. Rohit T. Aggarwala, Special Advisor to C40 Chair Michael R. Bloomberg and head of the environmental program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, warns that environmentalists may be overly optimistic about the prospect of comprehensive climate change legislation in the United States this Congress and that a tactical shift may be necessary.

One major obstacle to confronting climate change, according to Aggarwala, is the lingering public misperception that the only solutions are either burdensome regulations or government subsidies. In order to change this impression and make climate action a reality, Aggarwala suggests a new take for both environmentalists and the White House.

"To be clear, this isn’t about convincing the other side… Nor is it about cutting deals that weaken the rules themselves… This strategy is about refashioning the environmental agenda into one that embraces a variety of tools, including regulation only when necessary… Above all, it would turn the battle over government regulation into a discussion about the best tools to achieve meaningful emissions reductions."

To read more about Aggarwala’s "counterintuitive moves" that might be able to change the nation’s impression of climate legislation, read the full piece on the Bloomberg View here.