Seattle: Exporting a Low-Carbon Future

Developers in Seattle have broken ground on a building on the cutting edge of efficiency and sustainability in the commercial building sector. Designed to be net-zero for water and energy use, the so-called living building will be able to collect and use rainwater, generate its own power and compost its own sewage.

The LA Times has the story of the Bullitt Center being built by the Bullitt Foundation - an office building that is expected to far exceed even Platinum LEED standards for energy use.

Seattle, an affiliate C40 city, is among those pioneering energy efficient building. Here’s what Mayor Mike McGinn had to say in the LA Times piece:

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said the building would generate 94 direct construction jobs and 141 direct permanent jobs. The city recently revised its building code to clear the way for such projects.

McGinn said he saw it as a way of building and selling expertise in green construction and design for a time when no one can afford expensive coffee. "We're going to start exporting expertise in a low-carbon future," he said.

Seattle’s role in supporting the project – and the tangible economic and environmental benefits it will ultimately realize from the Bullitt Center - is emblematic of how the C40 works to foster expertise and information-sharing among Mayors. Tapping into existing assets such as commercial building stock and realizing concrete, real-world solutions, then sharing that experience with other cities around the world, is core to C40’s mission.

Learn more about how the C40, in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative, is supporting building efficiency programs around the world.