Ten Actions Cities Are Taking to Tackle Global Climate Change

In honor of our 10,000th follower on Twitter, we are presenting ten actions cities are taking to lead the global effort to reduce emissions, boost resource efficiency and combat the impacts of climate change:

  1. Greening Buildings – From quantifying emissions from buildings to encouraging efficient construction, cities are cutting energy and water usage in public and private buildings. Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago are just a few of the C40 cities building towards an energy efficient future.
  2. Smarter Energy – C40 cities are working to make energy systems more efficient – Hong Kong, for instance, has a combined heat and generation facility.
  3. Efficient Outdoor Lighting – Streetlights keep our communities safe and our streets navigable -- but they can also use a lot of energy. A number of C40 cities are switching to LED lighting to conserve energy, lower their carbon footprint and, by cutting operating and maintenance costs, to realize strong returns on their investment.
  4. Improving Ports – Many of the world’s cities are on waterways, including the nine cities that make up the C40 Connecting Delta Cities Network. Cutting emissions from shipping vessels and ports is a major way to reduce overall emissions, while improving port infrastructure also makes cities more resilient to the impacts of extreme weather events.
  5. Renewable Energy Use – More cities are using energy from sustainable, renewable resources, like solar and geothermal.
  6. Transportation Options – There are dozens of ways for people to get around in cities and just as many ways to curb transportation emissions – from rapid-transit bus lines to bike share programs to electric fleets, cities are implementing low carbon transportation programs, sharing best practices and making a difference in improving urban mobility and local air quality.
  7. Waste to Energy – City populations generate a lot of trash -- but did you know that city trash can also generate a lot of energy? More and more cities are working on creative approaches, including developing ways to capture methane from landfills to produce power for their citizens.
  8. Water Conservation – Water is one of our greatest natural resources and our most precious. Cities are using efficient systems, protecting their watersheds, and reducing their consumption to protect and enhance water resources.
  9. Public-Private Partnerships – Private sector players are increasingly leveraging capabilities and partnering with cities to develop climate solutions.
  10. Sharing Information – C40 Cities participate in a number of focused networks – such as the C40 Climate Positive Development Program – which facilitate inter-city exchange, and provide access to resources such as technical expertise, research and analytical tools. 

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