Video: Rio + C40 Roundtable on Climate Adaptation and Risk Assessment

After announcing several key advancements in the measurable actions cities are taking to combat the impacts of climate change, C40 Mayors participated in Rio + C40 roundtable discussions on governance issues, green growth and poverty eradication, in addition to an afternoon roundtable on the topic of climate adaptation and risk assessment.

Our video of this third session opens with a presentation on the City of Rio de Janiero’s state-of-the-art Operations Center, which helps the city to monitor and manage climate risks. The video also features a dialogue between the very different cities of Heidelberg, Germany and Bogota, Colombia. The conversation between Heidelberg’s Lord Mayor Eckart Wuerzner and Mr. Diego Bravo, General Manager, Waterworks company of Bogota (EAAB) demonstrates the very real risk that flooding poses not only to urban populations, economies and built environments, but also to river ecosystems; both speakers signaled the enormous investment of capital required to mitigate these risks in many global cities, calling for greater support and a coordinated approach to financing across all levels of government.

The roundtable discussion was moderated by Cristina Mendonca, C40-CCI City Director in Rio de Janeiro.