Video: Rio+C40 Closing Plenary

The recent Rio + C40: Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change event at Rio+20 concluded with a plenary session on the C40 Cities’ commitment to concrete actions in the fight against climate change. It was the perfect cap to an eventful day in which C40 announced new initiatives and new data on the carbon impact of city-led actions; as well as convened global cities to participate in roundtable discussions on governance issues, green growth and poverty eradication, and climate adaptation and risk assessment.

In our final installment of the Rio + C40 videos, we take a look at the closing plenary, where C40 Chair, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg outlined four calls to action: 

  1. Standardize measurement – The Chairman Bloomberg acknowledged that harmonizing and standardizing the carbon reporting process is “fundamental to any serious long-term work on sustainability in the world’s cities.
  2. Support city-to-city partnerships – The Chair also called on governments from the world’s economically advanced nations to financially support transfers of knowledge and technology from their own cities to cities whose countries are developing economically, thereby providing a sustainable framework for growth
  3. Remove state-level barriers to action – There was also a call made to governments throughout the world to amend or remove policies that impede action on the local level
  4. Increase access to existing sources of finance – Lastly, the Chair asked national governments to make cities eligible to employ clean development and joint implementation mechanisms. Currently, these mechanisms that are included in the Kyoto Protocol are only available to national governments. 

The importance of improving communication and coordination between cities and national governments was a key theme of Mayor Bloomberg’s remarks, as was the continued commitment by cities to lead on the issue of climate change. 

With the announcement of the new waste management effort that includes the World Bank as a partner he concluded, “As we’ve demonstrated today, cities around the world increasingly have the desire, the knowledge, and the capacity to make effective use of such assistance.” And that by continuing to take actions locally, cities will continue to have a significant impact globally in combatting global climate change.

To hear Mayor Bloomberg’s full remarks, watch this video here: