Welcome to C40 Cities Live!

The C40 will host the fourth Annual C40 Mayors Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, taking place from May 31st to June 2nd, 2011. The summit provides a forum for mayors from around the world to discuss best practices to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. C40 Live will be our way of communicating information about summit happenings and share news, developments and insights from the summit.  We also hope it can serve as a resource for all things C40.

About Us

The “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” commonly referred to as the “C40,” is an organization of large and engaged cities from around the world committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related actions locally that will help address climate change concerns globally.

We believe cities can play a central role in tackling climate issues by fostering a shared sense of purpose, sharing best practices, and providing leadership on both a local and global scale. To learn more about the C40, please visit: www.c40.org

C40’s Leadership

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the current chair of the C40. Mayor Bloomberg along with the ten-member Steering Committee of other C40 mayors, guides the work of C40 by planning and measuring the impact of local initiatives that reduce emissions from energy, waste, water supply and transport, and increase cities’ resilience to climate change.

Under Mayor Bloomberg, the C40 has outlined five key priorities:

  • Creating a robust and professional organization
  • Building and maintaining participation and accountability of all the member cities
  • Focusing program efforts on networks of cities
  • Providing direct support to C40 cities
  • Achieving visibility, driving thought leadership, and communicating evidence

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will hear more about all of these priorities so stay tuned.

Below is a brief historical timeline of the C40:

  • October 2005 - Representatives of 18 leading world cities met in London to discuss joining forces to tackle global warming and climate change, recognizing the need for action and cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pledged to work together towards achieving that goal.
  • August 2006 - President Bill Clinton and the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone announced a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the C40. This new partnership pledged to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency in large cities across the world.
  • April 2011 – President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the expanded alliance between the C40 and the Cities Program of the Clinton Climate Initiative.

About our Partner, the Clinton Climate Initiative

The William J. Clinton Foundation launched the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) to create and advance solutions to the core issues driving climate change. Working with governments and businesses around the world to tailor local solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable, CCI focuses on three strategic program areas: reducing emissions in cities, catalyzing the large-scale supply of clean energy, and working to stop deforestation.

To learn more about the work of CCI and the William J. Clinton Foundation, please visit www.clintonfoundation.org.