Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Elected 2014

Case Studies

In Focus City Reports: Paris

February 25, 2015 Paris

The In Focus city reports provide valuable insight into the efforts of the world's leading cities to become more sustainable. This report has been developed with C40's official reporting partner, CDP Cities, and AECOM, using data submitted through CDP's reporting platform. It conveys information about how Paris perceives its climate risk, measures key climate change-related data, and manages climate action.

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Paris’ primary and pre-schools comprise more than a quarter of all city-owned buildings. As a result, the city's Climate Plan created the School Retrofit Project — a specific initiative aimed at tackling energy efficiency in schools. In March 2010 the City established a dedicated team tasked with retrofitting 600 schools in order to reach the target of 65GWh of energy savings per year.

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Velib – a New Paris Love Affair

November 4, 2011 Paris

On 15 July 2007, Paris launched Vélib, a 24/7 cycle hire scheme that is changing the face of transport in Paris. By the end of 2007, a total of 20,600 cycles will be available for hire at 1451 stations around the city. In the first three months of operation there were 100,000 users daily, traveling 300,000 km, this translates to a 32,330 tCO2 reduction of emissions annually. Importantly Vélib is a viable economic story, the City of Paris will generate €34 million over the first 10 years of the project without investing a single cent. In exchange, the company which invested €80 million upfront, will pay operating costs plus €3.4 million annually to Paris for rights to advertising space, and is expected to generate around €60 million annually in advertising revenues.

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