C40 Green Growth Network Workshop

October 8, 2012 - October 10, 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark

Hosted by the City of Copenhagen, in conjunction with the annual Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), this C40 Workshop will be the first in-person convening of the C40 Green Growth Network, chaired by Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen and launched earlier this year.

Forging links between the economy, society, and environment, the concept of green growth seeks to harmonise economic growth and environmental sustainability by promoting fundamental changes in the way societies produce goods and services.

The C40 Green Growth Network Workshop will convene C40 City government officials who are responsible for green growth strategies in their cities and build the agenda for the C40 Green Growth Network for the coming year. It presents an opportunity for C40 Cities to discuss best practice on themes such as creating jobs in the sustainability sector, working with clusters of green organizations and businesses to drive innovation, and determining the economic rationale to undertake green policies by measuring wider socioeconomic impacts. The workshop will also be a problem-solving forum, where key barriers and solutions for green growth issues will be shared and discussed.

The C40 Green Growth Workshop is by invitation only to C40 Cities and a limited number of invited speakers and guests. C40 Cities interested in participating should contact contact@c40.org.