Solid Waste Networks Workshop

October 1, 2014 - October 3, 2014 Milan, Italy

The C40 Solid Waste Initiative's workshop will bring together Senior Officials of Waste Management Authorities from C40 Cities with an interest in improving their Solid Waste Management systems.

Discussion themes will focus on the ongoing priorities of the cities participating in the Networks, and the workshop will provide an opportunity for cities to work together and collaborate on common challenges and opportunities, exchange knowledge, and share best practices.

Workshop topics, as defined by the participating cities include: Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems; Waste Collection Best Practices; Resource Recovery, including recyclables, food waste and renewable energy; Advanced Waste Treatment Systems; Disposal Diversion Accounting; and Waste Minimization.

The C40 Solid Waste Networks workshop is an invitation only event open to C40 cities participating the the C40 Solid Waste Networks. Questions about the event can be directed to Ricardo Cepeda, Head of the Solid Waste Initiative @ rcepeda at