Network Overview

The Clean Energy Network supports city efforts to plan and implement initiatives to increase low carbon energy supply for cities.  

According to “Deadline 2020”, 29% of C40 city buildings emissions are associated with the supply of electricity and building-scale clean energy deployment in cities may deliver up to two-fifths of total emissions savings from the energy sector in the next four years. Cities have proven that they can make use of a wide range of renewable sources on and off-site to supply energy for residential, commercial and municipal buildings. They have demonstrated interest in escalating these actions, which in turn may reduce costs, improve resilience, create jobs and contribute to energy efficiency and security.

Clean Energy Network Focus Areas

Cities participating in the network have prioritized the following focus areas around which they are actively sharing policies, strategies, ideas and challenges with one another. The focus areas are:

Municipal clean energy strategy – planning and implementing ambitious clean energy municipal plans and policies, including governance structure, procurement options, financial incentives, implementation tools, coordination with other levels of government;

Thermal Energy - implementing and improving heating and cooling of building stock in dense areas through safer and more flexible district energy systems, heat pumps, fuel switch towards cleaner fuels and fully exploiting renewable energy sources; 

Business models – choosing various business models to increase centralized and decentralized use of clean energy to fit local regulatory and legal frameworks;

Stakeholder Engagement – dealing with stakeholder engagement at both the supply (private sector) and demand side (citizens, commercial sector), outreaching to national, regional and national governments;

Energy resilience and security - improving the security of clean energy systems through microgrids, decentralized generation, battery storage, addressing technical challenges related to increasing connection of renewable energy systems to the grid and mainstreaming clean energy into municipal adaptation plans.

The Clean Energy Network is led by the City of Vancouver.