A New Adaptation Framework

The impacts of climate change are being felt in cities around the world. The Climate Risk and Adaptation Framework and Taxonomy (CRAFT) is a standardized reporting framework to help cities assess their progress in adaptation planning, identify areas for improvement, and collectively advocate for resources to support their adaptation efforts. 

CRAFT was developed for cities by cities, their networks, and the organizations that serve them. CRAFT will help cities expand, streamline, and evaluate their climate change adaptation planning process and its outcomes, answering the questions: “are we doing the right things?” and “are they working?” Ultimately, CRAFT can increase knowledge sharing and collaboration at the local level by improving, accelerating, and transforming the development and implementation of urban adaptation strategies.


Photo: Unsplash

CRAFT is integrated into the CDP Cities and carbonClimate Registry reporting platforms. CRAFT is accompanied by supporting guidance and training materials to assist cities in their reporting. As data is collected we aim to develop further tools and resources to enhance the user experience, such as real-time data analytics and comparative outputs.


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