Measurement and Planning Initiative

Taking action on climate change begins with a thorough understanding of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This allows cities to determine where to best direct mitigation efforts, set emission reduction targets, create strategies to address climate change, and monitor progress.

C40's Measurement and Planning Initiative supports cities to adopt a data-driven and strategic approach to tackling climate change by: 

  • Developing standards and tools to measure GHG emissions and forecast future emission scenarios; 
  • Providing access to training and technical support on all aspect of the climate action planning; and
  • Facilitating knowledge and data transfer, and peer-to-peer exchange between C40 cities. 

In collaboration with partners, C40 has developed a suite of standards and tools to support evidence-based climate action planning. For more information on CIRISCURB, and GPC, please visit the links in the sidebar, or visit the new interactive GPC dashboard to compare city-wide GHG emission inventories. 

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