Reinventing Cities

Reinventing Cities is a new C40 programme announced by Anne Hidalgo, the C40 Chair during Mayor’s Summit in Mexico City. 

Open to all C40 cities, Reinventing Cities is a call for urban projects from across the globe that present innovative pathways to carbon-neutrality and regeneration that, if implmented, would transform underutilized sites into beacons of sustainability and resiliency. 

The initiative is inspired by the successful Reinventing Paris scheme, that was launched in 2015 on 23 sites in Paris which have emphasized innovation in architecture, typology and usage.

With the goal of environmental urban development within cities worldwide, Reinventing Cities projects will be selected for their environmental and sustainable aspiration, and will be assessed on the robustness of their holistic planning and by their projected carbon emissions reduction.

This unprecedented competition will unlock and deliver replicable ideas for climate action and catalyse the “green” revolution of C40 cities. It will serve as a model for cities around the world, demonstrating how the alliance between cities and businesses can shape the future delivering sustainable and economically viable urban development.

How does it work?

Participating C40 cities will offer publicly owned and immediately available sites for redevelopment.

C40 will mobilize local and international private partners to revive these underutilized properties, and to invest in green development.

With C40’s support, each city will select the best project for its sites, with environmental issues as a primary consideration. Each project will have to aspire to zero carbon, and to propose a combination of innovative “solutions for climate”, covering a wide range of environmental fields such as energy efficiency, resiliency and adaptation, waste management and circular economy, biodiversity and urban agriculture development, inclusive climate action among others.

At the end, the winning team will receive a transfer of rights to the site to implement its project.


Next steps

• Mayor Hidalgo, the C40 Chair, has invited the cities to apply and to submit their sites before the end of August 2017

• The call for projects will be launch in the Fall 2017

Learn more

Click here to download the program brochure. For further information, please contact the project manager of the programme, Helene Chartier.